Wind Turbine Blade Design - Designing Wind Turbine Blades

When we decided to build a wind generator we figured that the wind turbine blade design would be the hardest part to figure out. When we looked at the design of modern manufactured wind machines the blades looked like they had been designed by computer programs and cut out with some very expensive manufacturing machinery. How could we learn wind turbine blade design for ourselves?

First we had to look at our objectives.

- Simple system for making blades

- Consistent wind turbine blade design

- Find materials that were inexpensive

- Design blades quickly every time

The first hurdle was to decide what kind of materials would work best and then figure out a design. We wanted to use readily available materials that could be quickly obtained. The search lead us to an interesting source in PVC pipe. Our good friend Paul had told us of this resource that he read telling him that PVC pipe; big pipe could be used for blades.

We studied the material that he sent us and agreed that we should be able to find good blade material in large sewer pipe used for industrial purposes. Paul even showed us where we could get the material for free.

It worked well except that cutting the pipe was difficult because it would cut and then melt back together. We solved the problem by using a large tooth wooden blade in our jigsaw.

The wind turbine blade design proceeded smoothly with us cutting the pipe on the angle that was indicated in the plans. It is offset slightly because the wind pressure on the outside tips of the blades is much greater than the pressure near the hub. The angle of the blade has to compensate for this fact by being turned slightly more at the tip. It really isn't that difficult to lay out.

We wanted to explore all possibilities of materials so we went back and studied some old articles and books finding some interesting information first published by Marcellus Jacobs of the Jacobs Wind Company. Mr. Jacobs first made wind generators commercially in the 1930's and continued for some 20+ years until Rural Electrification Program put an end to demand for rural wind generators.

He used wood for his blades and they were cut from a single piece of wood. We figured to try this and it worked well too according to the plans to build a wind generator we had found. The blades are easily made and set on an angle to catch the wind effectively.

Do you want more information? The following website should be able to help you with all of your questions.

A Wind Turbine Blade Design website has helped us and it will help you too. Just check out the link to the left. Wind turbine blade design follows just a few easy patterns and is not that difficult. You may not end up with a perfectly engineered blade but your wind generator will function very well. So don't let building your own blades stop you from learning how to build a wind generator.

Our family has been living off the grid since last year, and loving every minute of it. Learning how to build a wind generator was one of the most important solutions to the problems of off grid living we faced and learning wind turbine blade design was not as difficult as it first appeared.

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