How Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Can Help You Save

Technology has come a long, long ways in every field and autos running on water is no exception. Hydrogen fuel conversion is a technology that has been around for many, many decades. The Government chose to shoot it down when it very first surfaced well over 40 or so years ago and chose to outlaw it. I'm certain that they had their reasons, although I'm not sure just what those could have been.

Hydrogen fuel technology is not only a great fuel alternative but it great for the environment as well. The technology of hydrogen fuel conversion is one that could very well help us ease our dependency on fossil fuels, our main fuel resource, a fuel that produces carbon monoxide which is bad for the environment in that it greatly reduces air (oxygen) quality.

Hydrogen comes from water (H20) and has no toxic side effect that will harm the environment. The by product of hydrogen production is (H20) or water. Hydrogen fuel conversion kits installed on vehicles could drastically save by extending fuel mileage up to 50-75% thereby reducing costs because you are doubling or tripling mileages per gallon of fuel burned.

Although the technology has been around for decades it's been somewhat suppressed and what is common knowlege to very few is unacceptable in this case to many others. Surely this huge planet has resources not yet tapped and some thats still yet to be discovered. The use of fossil fuels along with other environmentally toxic chemicals,and the cutting down of far too many trees among other factors, is why our planet is heating up. My Point? Had we started using this very technology decades ago it could quite possibly have contributed in a big way to Global warming. But that's just one mans opinion.

Getting back to hydrogen fuel conversions,When mixed with air, extracted hydrogen from water turns into a very highly flammable mixture more commonly known as "Browns Gas" Now the name has nothing at all to do with the mixture but more so a person who had a hand in it's discovery. Yull Brown is the person that i'm referring to. There is great controversy surrounding the fact that mr. Brown in fact was or was not the person who discovered Browns Gas.

Nevertheless the conclusion was that Brown's Gas was in fact safe to use in 4 cyle engines considering you follow the engineers instructions on portions, and all the other variables needed to get it to the correct mixture to be used along with fossil fuels as a fuel for 4 cycle engines that is. Other applications my vary in these variables since Browns Gas has other useses as well.

With all of the controversy surrounding high gas prices all over the world many have turned their attentions to alternative full sources and hydrogen fuel conversions for autos have definitely been a topic that many have been researching. As stated above the extraction of this resource used along with our current fuel source may increase fuel MPG by as much as 75% in some cases while promising to lower fuel emmissions at the same time which helps the environment from toxic waste polluting the air.

Controversy has it's place here as well. Some agree and some disagree with the fact that this discovery is possible. Let me ask you though, If we can put a space ship into space, incidentally Brown's Gas is supposedly a possible fuel here as well, and if we can transplant or do surgery on the human heart, we had no hand in creating man, and in just a few days a person has extended life potential, do you think that just maybe we (man) who,infact invented the 4 cycle engine, could possibly make that 4 cycle engine run on another type of fuel extracted from water? Heck we know that engines run on used cooking oil, better known as Biodiesel and we accepted that. We accept the fact that sugar from candy is used in fuel for added octane for added fuel potency.

Hydrogen from water when mixed with air in a compressed state is very, very volatile and extremely dangerous. Just a spark near a small amount of this mixture could be catastrophic! Thats why harnessing it in the traditional way that we store fuel in our automobiles simply just would not work. As the hydrogen is being harvested it is being used simultaneously which does away with having to store it.

Alternative Fuel for environmental support as well as a possible future fuel adaptation Hydrogen Fuel conversion.

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