Solar Chargers and Clean Energy

Solar battery chargers have been around for decades, but their popularity has increased a lot in just the last two years. This is partially because of advancements in technology, and partially because of our increased awareness of the need to shift to cleaner renewable energy sources.

Advancements in technology have reduced the sizes and weights of solar panels, while increasing their efficiency. This makes it possible for small lightweight portable solar chargers to be produced. Another factor which plays a part in the rapidly expanding field of portable solar power, is the increased amount of electronic gadgets that we carry around.

Twenty years ago, not many people were walking around with cell phones. Today, most of us carry at least a cell phone, iPod or MP3 player, and a digital camera around with us - either on a daily basis, or during weekends and vacations.

With all these electronic gadgets comes the need for electricity and power. And thus solar chargers have found their niche.

There are several advantages to using portable solar chargers and solar panels. First of all, they are eco/environment-friendly. They do not produce harmful waste, and can be used anywhere where there is daylight.

Many people think that solar chargers can only be used in warm sunny areas. This is not necessarily true. Solar panels are more effective in colder temperatures. In fact, a solar panel or charger would create more electricity on a clear day in Alaska, than it would in the sun of the Arizona dessert. This is because the temperature of the solar panel influences the effectiveness with which it can convert solar energy into electrical energy.

The above fact, combined with the increased effectiveness of solar panels, has made solar chargers an attractive method of powering or recharging small electronic gadgets.

These days, a small solar battery charger can run your cell phone, iPod, or MP3 Player. It can recharge your digital camera and it can be used to recharge batteries.

Some solar chargers, such as the Solio Charger, come with internal batteries. These batteries are automatically charged when the solar charger is exposed to daylight. This allows you to recharge your cell phone, or other electronic device, from the solar charger, later on. Solar chargers with built-in batteries usually store sufficient power to recharge your cell phone twice, or to run an MP3 player or iPod for several hours. Your digital camera can also be fully recharged by one of these devices.

Solar chargers are starting to be a part of many standard emergency kits. They are a reliable source of power so long as there is daylight available.

Solar chargers are a convenient source of power in remote areas, on field trips, or when out hiking and camping. They can recharge batteries, cell phones, or other gadgets in any location.

In addition to being convenient, solar chargers are a clean energy source and do not cause pollution or other harmful emissions while creating electricity. They also reduce the need for disposable batteries, and thus reduce the overall volume of harmful chemicals and toxic waste in circulation on the planet.

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2006-2007 Honda Civic photographed in USA.Image via Wikipedia
There are different modes of travel that people use. Among these is that of hybrid cars. The various hybrid car brands allow people the choice of having a stylish looking vehicle at the same time that fuel is conserved and the environment is kept pollution free. The various cars which can be included in the range of hybrid cars will include the popular SUVs.
With so many choices like these you will be able to understand why people like to look at how buying hybrid cars can be of help to them. To being your hunt for a good hybrid brand you should first take a look on the internet. While this may seem time consuming it will save you time when you are actually shopping for a good car make.

You will be able to see the latest hybrid cars which are due to come on to the market. And you should see if there are any performance reviews available. This information will help you in the decision making process of which hybrid electric car to choose from. You need to understand that while there are many brands of hybrid cars, some of these may not be that easy to repair or have their parts replace.

There are as we know many different types of hybrid cars that can be bought. These will for the most part be well known car brands. You will find that Honda which is a known manufacturer of cars also has their version of a hybrid car. The Honda Civic hybrid is one such hybrid that people like to buy.

The Honda Civic hybrid will be found having a 5 speed manual overdrive transmission. This Honda car is an assist hybrid car. Unlike other hybrid cars the Honda Civic hybrid has been able to take an award for the best international engine. From Motor Trends the entire range of Hybrid cars is known to be car that people can rely on.

The various ways and means to finding the right hybrid cars can be difficult as there are many choices with which to overwhelm you. Having access to a list of hybrid cars will help cut down this mass of complications which can arise especially if you don t have a clear idea about the car that you want. Once you can see all of the hybrid cars and see their driving specifications, you can then decide which is the hybrid car for your lifestyle.

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Go Green With Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, recycling and using biodegradable bin liners are just a few ways families are going green in the kitchen. However one of the most important, and significant changes many households are making is buying and using energy efficient kitchen appliances.

For many families, the kitchen is the room in the house where the most energy is consumed. Refrigerators, cookers, ovens, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances can account for nearly 40% of the total energy consumed in some homes. Buying energy efficient appliances, and changing the way kitchen appliances are used on a daily basis can easily make the kitchen a greener place.

Once you make the decision to buy kitchen appliances, for your new eco-friendly kitchen, it's important that you consider the size of the kitchen appliances. Many families buy oversized kitchen appliances that they don't need and end up wasting energy in the process. Larger kitchen appliances with lots of features can be very tempting. However if you have a small family, it's best to buy energy efficient kitchen appliances that will fit your family's needs, rather than opting for larger models. You'll save space, money and you'll be helping to save the environment too.

Dishwashers are great for convenience, but it's important that you use them wisely. Did you know that many of the newer, more energy efficient dishwashers use less water than old models? Additionally, many of them are engineered so that you don't have to waste additional water rinsing your dishes before you place them into the dishwasher. When buying an energy efficient dishwasher, choose a compact model, and remember to run it only when it's full to help save both energy and water.

It's imperative for families that cook often to use energy efficient appliances. Using kitchen appliances such as cookers and ovens can require a great deal of energy. When possible, use microwaves or other smaller kitchen appliances to prepare or heat food. And if you need to boil water, try using more practical smaller kitchen appliances such as a cordless kettle, rather than utilizing the cooker.

Do you still use an oven that requires preheating? Most newer models have made preheating a thing of the past, thus just one of the ways energy efficient ovens can help you reduce energy consumption. And remember, when it's time to use the oven, always try to cook more than one dish.

Another great kitchen appliance to consider when going green is a range hood. A range hood can help with the ventilation in your home, and keep the air in your kitchen cleaner. Clean air is essential in any eco-friendly environment.

When considering buying new kitchen appliances, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the price tag. While purchasing energy efficient appliances can be a significant investment initially, you'll see the savings instantly on your energy bill and save even more in the long run. Energy efficient appliances can save you between 10 - 50% in monthly energy costs. So in reality, by purchasing energy efficient appliances you're not only doing your part to help protect the environment, you're also saving a substantial sum on energy costs too.

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