Green Energy in the UK

The latest reports regarding the use of "green" eco-friendly power have given some surprising, but pleasant, information on the subject of the United Kingdoms fuel habits since last year.

Money put into green power this year has hit £75 Billion, which is an increase of a massive 60% from the previous years UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report. The statement goes on to say that a continuing increase of oil prices, concerns over climate change and energy supplies and better promotion from the government are behind the rise of usage.

The methods most favoured by the public are wind power and solar power, with more people than ever are setting up personal wind generators and solar panels on their homes.
The UNEP has forecasted that by 2012 around £280 Billion will be spent each year on projects improving and developing already existing green energy ventures, and even expect it to double by 2020.

Most of the current investments have been supplied to Europe and the United States. However there are more projects being targeting to China, India and Brazil being progressed.

Unfortunately the wind power developers have suffered during the first few months of this year, as due to the credit markets becoming coming tighter, they were unable to finance themselves. However the rest of the green energy spectrum had continued to grow and become stronger.

There is much in the pipeline for this area of business too, with a lot of governments within the EU and America confident that many businesses will take advantage of the growing awareness of fossil fuels rapidly running out, and seizing the businesses opportunities while the media and general public are concentrating on it. This in turn will of course help the planet as a whole as green energy will become not only more popular but more accessible too.

This past month, the United Kingdoms energy minister, Malcolm Wicks has stated that the whole of Britain would undergo a "Green revolution" and that the government plans to fit a quarter of new homes with solar panels and erect "thousands" of new wind turbines.

With gas and electricity prices continuing to rise, it is good news that the government plan to ensure the UK has renewable sources of electricity and utilities.

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