Hydrogen Production From Air & Water & What it Means For Your Gas Mileage

Can hydrogen be extracted from air? If so, is it possible to use this hydrogen as an alternative fuel for our vehicles? As for creating it just out of air the airspeed would need to be increased until the wind chill makes droplets of water and use those droplets to separate the hydrogen. Being lighter than air, Hydrogen can then be taken as air is expanding back out.

Extracting hydrogen from gases, molecules or liquids that have more than four molecules also makes sense. Hydrogen does not occur in any significant amount by itself in nature. Therefore an electrolysis process must occur in order to extract the hydrogen.

Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen that is achieved by running an electrical current through the water. The battery in your car can be connected to the electrodes and will serve as an efficient source of power, then placed in water. Oxygen will show around the anode (positive electrode) and hydrogen will show up at the cathode (negative electrode). The amount of hydrogen created is normally two times more than that of oxygen and both are in proportion to that electrical charge that was sent into water.

Electrolysis can be sped up by adding salt or even baking soda that will result in a quantity usable for vehicle engines. This type of conversion is fairly easy to do and there are many kits and guides available as well if additional help is needed.

I have included a link to a review site at the bottom of the page. It provides a review of the three leading gas to water companies on the market.

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