Electric car inventor to US house of representatives

In the article of the the inquirer, a new story was revealed:

A. BOFFIN told the US House of Representatives that a US electric car infrastructure could be set up for the price of only two months' worth of oil.

Shai Agassi CEO of Project Better Place argued thats for "$100 billion, we can put in place the infrastructure needed to power the nation’s cars and end this oil dependence".

One of the places to read about the potential and power of the electric car and see a video of the vision at the "project better place" website. They offer a vision by which all the cars in the US will be electric cars, that will be a ble to be charged everywhere. They will install new electric stations to replace the battery when needed, and a charging station in each block and parking space.

I think that this vision is still too expensive.
The other problem is - from where all the electricity will come from? - is it from burning fossil fuels...?

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