Wind Farms In The Hawaiian Islands

The beauty of the Hawaiian Islands is undisputed. If you look closely at the lush green hills, you might just see wind farms producing energy for homes and business at the beach.

Wind Farms In The Hawaiian Islands

Wind power is an alternative energy source that has gained popularity over recent years. Although windmills have been used for centuries to power machines and to create other energy, it wasn't until recently that wind power has become a truly formidable energy source. Wind turbines have replaced the windmill, and these turbines are able to harness the wind's power and transform it into electricity that can be used by us all. This renewable, pollution-free, economical source of energy has the ability to change the world - and many countries are taking advantage of this free source of energy by building wind farms. As your might imagine, the Hawaiian Islands are a prime location for wind power and the state takes advantage of it.

A wind farm is a collection of large wind turbines, all of which are collecting wind energy and converting it into electricity. Hawaiian wind farm usage started in 1980, with the building of wind farm MOD-0A in Kahuku. Hawaiians have been using the power of the wind for centuries. While the Hawaiian wind farm built at Kahuku was the first wind farm here, the building didn't stop with just that one location. Over the next years, seven more wind farms were built on the Hawaiian Islands. The largest wind farm still in operation is at Lalamilo Wells. This wind farm, built in 1985, is still being run by the Hawaii Electric Light Company.

The Lalamilo Wells Hawaiian wind farm operates with 81 turbines running, and it produces power that is used by the general public. Other, smaller, wind farms are located on the other islands. Some have been shut down due to damage or disuse, but others are still used in limited capacity for personal and industrial needs. Wind is an excellent resource for power on the island as the trade winds, Moa'e, come through this area producing high wind speeds and allowing for better electricity generation.

While wind farms are a recent addition (within the last 30 years) to Hawaiian energy resources, they are sure to continue to grow. The interesting evolution being seen one the islands is, however, away from the large wind farm and to personal use. Perhaps it is the expensive nature of the land, but what is particularly interesting is the fact that so many are creating their own, personal wind farm in lieu of industrial versions.

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