Going Green For the Non-Green - 10 Easy Ways Greenify Your Life in One Week

If you have recently decided to go green, congratulations! Making the decision to go green is an exciting and responsible action, but it can certainly be overwhelming. The good news is that there are actually many ways in which you can quickly and easily go green in very little time without the need to become overwhelmed by all of the green, eco-friendly terminology that surrounds us.

1. Begin by changing out your incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. This is a very easy and fast way you can begin making a big difference within your own home. Not only will you be pitching in to help the planet, but you will also notice savings on your electric bill as well as the life span of your light bulbs.

2. Grab a re-usable bag and take it with you the next time you go shopping to avoid the need to use paper or plastic bags which contribute to waste levels.

3. Consider changing your transportation habits. When weather permits, ride your bike or walk to your destination. Consider grabbing a ride with a friend or co-worker or taking public transportation. You will reduce your own fuel costs as well as carbon emissions that pollute the environment.

4. When you are not actually using it, turn off the water, such as when brushing your teeth, rinsing your hair in the shower, doing the dishes, etc. You will save on your water bill as well as cut down on the world's water consumption.

5. Stop using items that are disposable, such as paper plates, paper towels, plastic cutlery, paper napkins, etc. These are small ways that you can make a huge difference in the amount of waste that is generated on the planet and must be handled. Opt for real plates, cups and cutlery and grab some pretty cloth napkins and dishcloths to clean up messes.

6. Opt for natural cleaning products. Not only are there are a lot of great natural cleaning products currently on the market, but you can also make your own cleaning products from items such as vinegar and baking powder in order to clean items even better and save money as well. While you are at it, use a re-usable spray bottle to cut down on waste.

7. Go meatless one day per week. The amount of energy that is required to feed livestock as well as manufacture it and ship it is tremendous. Going meatless one day per week will help to cut down on those energy costs as well as slash your grocery bill. In addition, you may find you are healthier as a result. Consider great high-protein dishes such as beans and legumes for alternatives.

8. Shop at your local farmer's market, provided that it is close-by. The produce is typically much healthier and often does not contain as many pesticides as store-bought produce. In addition, you will be doing your part to help the environment by reducing the amount of energy that is required for produce to be shipped in.

9. Compost scraps from your kitchen instead of tossing them in the trash. This is a great way to add back nutrients to the soil.

10. Turn off lights when you are not in the room and unplug appliances when you are not actually using them. This is a wonderful way to reduce the amount of energy that you use and also see savings on your electric bill.

Djuna Woods writes the popular blog Simple Ways to Help at http://simplewaystohelp.com where she discusses simple ways to greenify your life for the non-green.

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