Which are the leading companies that use green energy?

The Green Power Partnership announced the top 25 companies using green energy as resource.
The leading companies are Intel, Pepsi and the US air force. As they say:

"These green power purchases help reduce the environmental impacts of electricity use and support the development of new renewable generation capacity nationwide. Purchase amounts reflect U.S. operations only and are sourced from U.S.-based green power resources. Organizations can meet EPA purchase requirements using any combination of three different product options Renewable Energy Certificates, On-site generation, and Utility green power products."

This is a great increase in the use of green energy, demonstrating the ability to turn our industry to green energy.
The EPA is producing this report several times every year and you can see their results of previous years.
There is also a report of the "100% Purchasers", In which Pepsi is leading at the top of the list.
I would suggest to compensate these companies with reduced tax, in order to encourage others to follow their leads in the green energy world.

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