Bio Fuel and Bio Diesel Distribution from Commercial to Consumer Markets

We all know we must kick the habit and our addiction to foreign oil. But how can we quickly ramp up our efforts to grow our own fuel. How can we move closer to growing our percentage of use to Bio Fuels and Bio Diesel?

We must build distribution system, which are more robust to handle the demand, which will be needed if we are to complete our vision. I propose that we start with a greater push on Commercial and then move to Consumer Markets, as we know we can handle the volumes. My original thoughts are to offer tax incentives to large Point-to-Point Trucking company carriers, bus companies (Greyhound, city, charter) and car dealerships to put in fuel cell fuel stops; This is part of my strategy over all.

Also realize that Car Dealerships are now offering oil changes, car washes, etc. To increase customer traffic and brand loyalty, as well as keeping the maintenance shops busy.

One problem in all of this is; "do they really want to change?" after all it would shake up the status quo and we need to ask the Oil Companies and US Automakers if they are willing to come along other wise it will not work of course. Lobbyists, lawyers and regulators will shut down any attempt to tap into current business model. But since we are dealing in hypotheticals on a potentially doable vision to kick the addiction, we should all continue and work thru the distribution issues based on theories of moving products and services which work. Consider this in 2008.

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