Improve Your Air Conditioning Performance by Up to 30%

Fantastic, you have bought your air conditioning. Your home is feeling comfortable. And the last three months have been great. You have never been more comfortable. But then you get your electricity bill. "Oh my God! Your kidding , honey, don't use the air conditioning, we cant afford it. Our electricity bill is through the roof".

Well, here is the good news. You can reduce your energy bill dramatically by doing some very simple things. Number one is have good curtains on your windows. This traps the hot or cold air in your home. You see glass has no insulating qualities. This means that your air conditioned air is floating straight out of the window.

The next thing is make sure you have installed at least R3 insulation in your ceiling. This is most important because you can increase the performance of your system by up to 30%. See if you can put a better thermostat system in your home so that the air conditioning can monitor temperature in the correct area. Most systems I see only have one sensor which is located in the hallway. This means that the whole home needs to achieve temperature before the unit will switch off. This is the biggest problem I see in air conditioning design. (It is also expensive to rectify when you have installed your system)

Finally, close doors to areas that are not in use and turn off the relevant zones. Also, put door stops in the gaps to your external doors as the air drawn in from outside reduces performance by up to 10%. These tips will improve the performance of any ducted air conditioning or split system air conditioning.

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Ian Marsh

Ian Marsh
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