The politicians intervention is not welcome for all green energy resources

I have just saw the article in solar energy now, that claims that politicians should not intervene in the solar energy markets,
The reasons he presents are about letting the free market to promote competition between different technologies, so that the companies will compete in research and development and not in getting federal funds. I have to agree with that, and even add some thoughts of my own:
1. The politicians will find it easier to promote large companies that can support them, that will usually build large projects like solar or wind farm. This is nice, but I think the the future of green energy should rely more on personal use of small devices that can produce electricity at the consumer site, allowing each consumer to be in charge of the energy he produce, and preventing large factories and long electric lines, that harm the environment.
2. Politicians usually don't understand the technology and tend to follow the ones who offer them more financial support (the large firms) and not the ones who really have a better solutions.
3. The time frame of politicians is too narrow, and they do not plan for the far future. However, green energy is more about the long run!

In general this is true to all sorts of green energy resources.
Lets keep the suggestion of the solar energy now dude, and invest in better technologies.

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