5 principle sources Green energy resources?

In the article ‘ The pillar of green energy ‘ The writer state 4 main sources of “green energy”:

  1. Solar power – This is stated as the best source of energy we have, which is a abundant, free and clean. But it is still inefficient enough to replace petroleum based fuels.
  2. Biofuels, like ethanol and biodiesel – These are also a way to store the sun’s energy, the way living creatures does it.
  3. Athmosphere – using the power of the wind, waves and waterfalls to produce electricity.
  4. Hydrogen - using chemical principles of common gases to produce energy.
  5. earth – harvesting the heat that the planet itself produce - geothermal power.

These 5 pillars seems like a comprehensive review of the field.
However there some other possible sources that were not mentioned there, but they are disputable like nuclear power, lunar power and more.
There are some interesting videos over there that demonstrate these pillar – worth watching...

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