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Grants from the state or federal bodies are given to further a specific interest like a particular area economic development, or to invest in a particular area where research is needed or a particular industry which will help grow the state economy.

A clean environment is one such area where almost all the state governments are promoting businesses to invest in research and develop cleaner environment friendly technology for use of consumers or other consumer industries. To promote this the state governments have specific bodies set up like in the state of Pennsylvania it is called the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority. If you need to check them out the website is

Most of the programs are focused towards helping businesses to invest in research and in turn expand the use of eco-friendly technologies which will help in saving energy costs, use alternatives, save the environment and also boost the economy.

Here is a look at the programs currently on offer in the State of Pennsylvania

The total of $12.8 million is available for grants through the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA). Of this $11 million is for businesses and projects which are willing to relocate to the state and or have innovative or breakthrough projects for advanced energy. For those skeptics who say that grants are not there, here is some data to look at and ponder over. Beginning 2005, PEDA has given $31 million for projects that invest in clean technology projects.The name of the other two grants is Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants and the other one is Energy Harvest.

So before you think of applying for a grant make sure that you have gone through various states energy development programs and that may give that extra edge in your business.

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