Extreme Environmentalism and Drilling For Oil in The US

We have seen a circus of accusations at oil CEO's, and various statements that oil drilling would NOT make a difference, unbelievable.

Congress and us

Congress thinks we, Americans, are stupid and have zero intelligence. I see clearly as does anyone who understands economics, that we must drill. Scandinavian countries are extreme environmentalists, and several are doing offshore drilling, because technology has made it environmentally friendly to do so. Why are our representatives resisting the truth on the actual time before drilling makes a difference? Could it be there are other reasons. Some have made a profit betting on high oil prices, so how many others are making those oil prices personally benefit them? Pickens is pro wind, solar and alternatives, but he is also pro drilling in ANWAR and offshore according to his interview on CNBC last week.

The source of supply

Supply and demand are important to costs, but even more important is the source of that supply. I want to state that it is really simple what is going on. When you have nations who supply oil to the world and are syphining off ASTRONOMICAL huge profits in US dollars, then you see that they have control of the world's economy. They are the speculators and manipulators who control the price of oil, and invest heavily in world markets. We have more oil in the United States than Saudi Arabia, but our extreme environmentalists, congress, and lobbyists have stopped us from drilling, or seeking to use that oil due to their own agendas. Technology is such that it would not harm the environment, or any bugs, animals or other endangered species to go into ANWAR, Montana or the Rocky Mountain area to take out of the ground what's there as a natural resource. Most of the leases owned by the oil companies are useless, because it would not be financially feasible to use them at this time, nor cost effective at a price per gallon that is reasonable. A television special on those lands, leases, costs and product has already been done.

I am not saying that we should destroy our forests or harm our natural environment, because it is possible to be conservative of resources, and at the same time use them for what they were intended; our consumption. Our extreme environmentalists would have us think that we are evil if we want to drill at home, on the continental shelf, or in ANWAR. Anyone using investments in high oil prices at our expense is the problem. That type of attitude is about controlling oil and gas, taxing into bigger government, and not about caring for our families in need of relief, or those who transport our goods. I am an independent, and I can see that both sides are more concerned with political ambition than finding the solution to our economic problems. We cannot allow anymore dollars to be sent overseas, while Americans are duped into believing that the lowering of oil by the barrel this last week has solved the problem. We have been there before, and let's go forward now, so that we aren't caught in this barbed wire again. America must do it all, oil drilling, wind, solar, alternatives. if it doesn't spiral the cost of food commodities.

Please see the list of predominately Muslim countries that supply oil below, and what they are paying for gas. If nothing else, it should jar your mind to realize that we are subsidizing their gas, so let's get our oil out of the ground now! I am all for alternative fuels, but if congress would expedite the new leases on a fast track we could have the oil in three years. I have always supported wind, solar and natural alternatives at a cost we can afford, however unless they are mass produced it is just hot air to talk about using them to replace fossil fuels in large enough quantities to relieve us from dependence on foreign oil. We need to do it all!


Iran .40

Saudi Arabia .45

Libya .50

Swaziland .54

Qatar .73

Bahrain .81

Egypt .89

Kuwait .90

These are statistics that may vary somewhat due to barrel prices fluctuation, and their government. HOWEVER it is enough to make your blood boil, to know that you are paying for these countries to have lower gas prices, than we have experienced in decades. All of this stalling makes me wonder how many politicians are voting on their tax portfolio's instead of the best interest of their constituents. Let's take a look at how much we are losing, while they reap a windfall at the expense of other's suffering. Drill now, Drill everywhere, and do not allow the drop in oil barrel prices lull us into another deceptive sleep. Apathy is not a family value, but it has destroyed nations. Tell your representative to vote to remove the drilling moratorium, pass the drilling in ANWAR, and NOT to put their financial interests, before your economic interests!

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