Give Me 10 minutes and I’ll Give You the green future.

Green energy is the future
I don't know if you following the news or not, or whether you aware of the latest developments in politics economics and energy technology, but if you are, you probably already know how much buzz green energy technology are making these days. So give me a few minutes, and I'll explain in simple words the reason for that, and what I think the future is hiding.

The main reasons that renewable energy ("green") is so crucial are:
1. Oil prices are rocking high, rising above the most pessimistic predictions. This phenomenon have many reasons, but the most fundamental is the constant increase in demand, mainly from the developing countries, while the production rate is limited. Since fossil-fuels are limited, it will eventually run out, causing catastrophic economic crisis. This why experts think that it is so important to come out with renewable resources, that will solve this problem.

2. From the political point of view, oil is still belongs to the countries that have large oil reservoir, and many of these countries have a problematic agenda, that collide and even treat the western world. This why politicians try to devise new ways to get free form the oil needs, that will bring political freedom to countries without natural fossil-fuel resources.

3. The third main reason for the rising popularity of green energy is the growth in environment awareness among the public, and the concern about the effects that fossil fuels have on the environment, the air and the entire planet. using carbon-based energy market, causing a severe air pollution and environmental hazards to the wild life and plants. There are some evidences that support the notion that high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, is the main cause to global warming, and more.

Three general ways are proposed to change the energy market:

1. use biofuels - this solution is more conventional and suggests that instead of using limited fuel reservoir, we will try to produce cleaner, and more efficient oil from natural resources like plants and animals oils and sugars. The two main biofuels used today are biodiesl, which is based on fats, and ethanol which is produced from plan sugars. both fuels are cleaner and renewable, buth the amount of agriculture products required to produce them and the inefficient production methods, make them inefficient and too expensive. So in the meanwhile this solution is sound, but in smal quantities and not as a global solution.

2. using alternative, natural energy resources. This approach, try to harvest the energy of the sun, the wind, the planet gravity (by using waterfulls), or the planet activity (geothermal). Thsi approach have some success already, and it si provide the most elegant solution for the future. However, these technologies are still not efficient enough and provide just a small fraction of the energy required. The current technology is still very expensive and not economical, but it is changing fast.

3. Nuclear power. nuclear power is an old solution, clean and elegant, but it is hold many risks and technological problems that prevent it from being a perfect solution. not all countris can exploit it, and it can be used to cause huge damage.

So what about the future?

As you can understand, the train of green energy is already running with full power, and the main reasons that preventing it from being the main leader of the energy markets is the technology. In such cases, we can be sure that further technological advances in the near future will realize the green energy as the main source of energy for tomorow.
I belive that it is a matter of few years until the technology of alternative energy and biofuels will burst trough the shell of inefficiency, and then it will swiftly replace all of the known energy resources. Soon we will see more and more production of biofuels, and cars that can use them, and more and more wind and solar farms, harvesting the sun and wind energy to produce electricity. The future is green, if you like it or not.

The critical mass of political economical and technological needs, was already achived, it is now the job of engineers and scientist to make it happen.

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