2008 The Funding of Alternative and Green Energy Innovations

The cost of using fossil fuels to make energy for our nation is getting to be an economic burden on our middle class and country. Using Oil for fuel in our cars is causing significant problems with monetary outflows. Burning coal is polluting the air and that is a challenge to our health and environment. Luckily there is some good news on the way.

Clean Coal technologies are coming forward and this will prevent pollution in our coal-fired power plants. Also high fuel costs are helping us as well. How does that help us you ask? Well, Alternative Energy capitalization is getting to be pretty viable with gasoline on the coasts approaching $4.00 per gallon isn't it?

In fact, I see that we have some Venture Capitalists, and Investment Banking Firms, putting their money where their mouth is, along with some pretty decent initiatives for Government Funding, some of which are from the Bush Administration.

It seems that once Carbon Nano-Tube manufacturing becomes viable, environmentally safe and creates economies of scale to lower costs, we will see Hydrogren Cell technologies for transportation kick off. Why, because the compressed hydrogren leaks from tanks too easily, but carbon nano-tubes can prevent this challenge.

With the high cost of fuel it makes other alternative energies much more viable, it makes hybrid car costs look pretty good on a Return on Investment graph as opposed to the huge operational costs associated with $3.00 per gallon or higher gasoline. All this is ushering in a new age of technology and alternative energy and that can only be good for America.

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