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Is there a way to produce renewable energy via a wind turbine that does not cost the earth?
Most people are aware of the continuing rising cost of non-renewable energy. This has a flow on effect that affects just about every person's daily cost of living. The lorry that pulls the grocery truck costs more to operate, the farmer has to pay more for gas, thus the cost of producing food rises and there are a multitude of other examples where goods and services cost more due to the rising costs of non-renewable energy.
Also what is the 'real' cost of producing nuclear power or electricity from coal fired power stations. Does anybody know what the real cost of this non-renewable energy really is, maybe our children and grandchildren will be counting the real cost in 50 - 100 years.
This has provided the opportunity for those wise people who are concerned about greenhouse gas effects on our environment, along with the financial savvy to consider renewable energy sources that traditionally cost more to produce. Those same energy sources are now starting to become financially attractive as an alternative to 'traditional energy'. A further consideration is that non-renewable energy prices do not look like falling in the near future.
There is an ever increasing demand for fuel, oil, coal and gas from the likes of China and India that will continue to drive the cost of these up for the foreseeable future, and that coupled with experts estimates that we only have reserves of these products to last for approximately 40 years. Yikes sooner or later we are all going to have to convert to renewable energy, unless a miracle product is found in the next 30 - 40 years.
Because you are reading this article I know you are one of those wise people that are concerned about doing your bit to help the environment. I have done some research on wind turbines and producing renewable energy that a person with a little ability with their hands can build.
It really is quite easy to make a cheap power turbine, and although one turbine will probably not allow you to disconnect from the grid, you can construct 1 or 2 turbines to reduce the amount of power you buy from the grid, or you can build a number of turbines that will allow you to become energy self sufficient. Of course, if you live on 'windy hill' then it will be a lot easier to produce sufficient power for your household, and there has to be a reward for living in a windy environment apart from having your washing dry quickly!
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