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We would all like to have a residential solar energy system powering our homes, but while the long term savings are significant both financially and environmentally, the initial cost can be too great to allow us to follow this path.
What we can do in this situation is to purchase our main electricity from an accredited Green Energy provider. This has become very popular of late, and just about all the major electricity companies will have a Green Power option.
At present we are purchasing Solar Energy from the local large scale energy provider, Origin Energy. They are mandated by law to provide the electricity from the source they claim it is from. Should demand exceed supply for this source they are required to produce extra infrastructure to provide this energy.
While Green power is more expensive than regular fossil fuel powered electricity, it is worth paying the extra to ensure reduced emissions from our activities.
Power companies generally provide options for residential solar energy, wind power and hydroelectric power. We chose Solar power as it is the least invasive source of energy. There are greenhouse gas emission problems associated with hydroelectric power, so it is best to select either the solar or wind power options.
Changeover to the new energy source or even to a new energy supplier is usually easy, though some energy companies have locked-in contracts that you may not be able to break without additional cost to you.
You can find contact details of your energy provider on your electricity bill. If you call them and ask about renewable energy sources for your home, be sure to get details about the comparative cost of the electricity. It is also worth quizzing them on where they source this electricity and how you can be sure that it is truly Green Power.
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Roger Vanderlely
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