The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

So you like the idea of solar energy, but you're not sure that you know enough about the negative aspects? It's true that many sellers of the technology would like to gloss over the less palatable aspects, but our comprehensive list below will keep you well informed. We think that the positive aspects of solar power and energy use greatly outweigh the negatives, and to help you decide for yourself here are the pros and cons of solar energy.
The negatives include:
The worst thing about solar energy is that it is typically expensive to install. This means that the effective cost of the power is high compared with just buying it from your local utility company.
Solar panels can take up a lot of space.
You may find that your roof is not at a good orientation or angle to the sun, which would make the installation on your roof less effective or not possible.
You can't make solar power at night, so you have to have a way to store it.
Your power output will also be affected by bad weather.
On the other hand, here are the positives:
The greatest thing about solar energy is that it is virtually free to use.
Solar energy causes no pollution when you generate it.
You can get financial incentives from the government to help you pay for your system.
Companies are starting to produce rental plans that allow you to avoid the large capital costs.
There was a law passed a couple of years ago that allows you to "sell" your excess power back to the utility, reducing or eliminating your bills, and covering your need for power at night.
You don't need to order any fuel to be delivered to your house, and you can't run out.
Solar power does not suffer from inflation and increasing prices.
Typically there are no or few moving parts to a solar installation, cutting down on maintenance.
Solar power can be generated anywhere, even if there is no local electrical supplier, so you can have power in remote areas.
Using solar power reduces the amount of fossil fuel burnt, and decreases greenhouse gas creation. Some of the "cons" above about solar energy can be solved. For example, you can get government grants (depending on your location), or even rent your system to avoid the capital cost.
Undoubtedly, solar energy technology is here to stay and it's future looks even more promising!
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