Top 10 Ways to Stop Global Warming

by Bill Temple

1 Quit your job. You don't really like it anyways, do you? If only half of all North Americans quit their job, or worked at home we could reduce global warming by a whopping 42%! Here at the Living Off the Grid think tank we did the math, on reducing the amount of cars on the road and the subsequent reduction in greenhouse gases that result in global warming and climate change. 42% was the lowest prediction as a matter of fact. Just think, no more traffic jams, no more boss, no more drive to work on Monday!

2 Work at home. How many of you would love to work at home. Just think about the reduction in headaches and the resources you would save. That is money in your pocket because you don't need that second vehicle and time saved in the commute. Well, maybe you shouldn't quit your job, just ask to work from home. The global resources saved by this move are staggering.

3. You have to Get Out of Debt. Let's face it, if you didn't have anymore debt , you probably wouldn't have to go to work would you. Pay for that new car to go to work. Pay for that new house that is close to work. This all ties in with the issue of freedom in our lives. We will never be free if we are in debt. No more debt and you are not using all of those resources, or polluting near as much. And that Tuesday out in the back yard looks mighty fine. Start right now and find that debt free lifestyle.

4, Grow a Garden. That's right grow a garden, or plant a tree. All of these things reduce our dependence on shipped in food, the overburdened transportation systems and global resources. If everybody grew a garden, we could probably save one shopping trip a month to the grocery store. Think of how that would add up.

5. Install solar panels. on your house. Yes, renewable energy in the form of free solar energy is a great answer to stop global warming. Stop using all of that oil and gas to heat your home and run your lights. You just don't have to anymore. No more excuses.

6 Install a community wind generator. One big wind generator per neighborhood would reduce our dependence on oil substantially. It would create a symbol of forward thinking right in your own back yard. Do it! There are companies out there ready to help you.

7. Eat more grain and vegetables. Not surprisingly the average North American diet is high in meat and poultry. We don't eat near enough veggies or grains. Did you know that it takes 10 times the space to feed a cow and consume beef as it does to feed one human with the same land, if you grow high yield veggies and grains!

8. Stop playing politics with the environment. There is only one answer to the dilemma that we face, and that is to reduce consumption and change our over-indulgent ways , and fast. The economics of politics says ' consume more, buy more, growth is good.' But , unfortunately that formula is not sustainable for our planet. You will end up costing your future generations their lives !

9. Get off your ass and do something. Stop reading about what needs to be done, and get up and do it. Change something about your life that will stop global warming and climate change today, right now.

10. Get organized and tell your friends. Peer pressure is a tremendous tool for change. It always has been. We used to be known as 'those people who live down that road without hydro' since we have been living off the grid for 14 years. Now there are 2 wind generators down our road and new solar panel installations going in every month. Change happens, when you change.
My friend Les gave me this list to use- Like it? Have a look at his blog at Living Off the Grid in Canada
Our family has been living off the grid since last year, and loving every minute of it.

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