New Tools to Help Reduce Electric Bill Amounts

As utility costs continue to increase, chances are you are doing all that you can to lower the amount of energy you use in your home. Both electricity and gas bills are a concern for many families today. While there are some things you can do around your home, like turning off lights or lowering the thermostat in the winter, sometimes you will need some outside help to find a way to lower electric bill amounts.
There are several tools you can use to reduce electric bill costs and save power. One option you can use is the high efficiency light bulbs that are becoming popular. These light bulbs provide as much light as incandescent bulbs do, but they last longer, thus creating less waste. They also use far less electricity than traditional bulbs. These bulbs use around a quarter of the amount of electricity that standard bulbs do. For instance, a 25-watt compact fluorescent bulb provides as much light as a 100-watt incandescent bulb. By replacing the incandescent bulbs in your home with these higher efficiency light bulbs, you will save power.
The Power Save 1200 is another option you can use to lower electric bills for your family. The Power Save 1200 reduces your electricity consumption by actually reducing the wasted electricity in your home. While you can control some electricity waste, such as the electricity you waste when you leave a light on, some wasted electricity is unavoidable. When electricity runs through the wires and the appliances in your home, some of it converts to heat. The heat is wasted power. The Power Save 1200 helps to eliminate this form of wasted power. The Power Save 1200 is a box that you place by your breaker box. It contains transformers that can store and release electricity to some of the items in your home. Specifically, the Power Save 1200 can help power motors in your home.
When something with a motor in it, such as your air conditioner, needs to run, the appliance or device sends a signal to the transformer at your utility company's box requesting the power it needs. This request must travel through the wiring in your house, your circuit panel, the meter, and all the way to the transformer. This path creates a lot of heat, which is wasted electricity. However, when you have a Power Save 1200 installed, the request for power will stop at the Power Save 1200 device, because it has the electricity stored that your device needs to begin running. This reduces how much is lost to heat. In fact, this device can lower electric bills by as much as 25% when used correctly. On top of the money you will save, you will also notice that the items in your home that contain motors last longer, because they do not heat up as much as they did before you installed the device.
Finally, consider installing solar garden lights in your outdoor living space in your quest to lower electric bill amounts for your home. These lights will provide the amount of light you need for your outdoor space, without any electricity. They absorb the light from the sun and convert it to electricity. At night, they light up and provide the light you need along your walkway or in your garden. If you use enough of them, you may be able to stop using your porch light, thus saving power for your home.
They key to lowering electric bills is using common sense and installing the devices that can help reduce your electric consumption. While some of these devices seem as though they cost a lot at the time of purchase, keep in mind that they provide continued savings month after month on your electric bill. Not only that, but they also help protect the environment. We can all take steps to save power, and installing some of these devices is one way you can do so.
Ken Potter is the founder and owner of, where you can buy the Power Save 1200, which can lower electric bills up to 25%. This site also carries the Power Save 3200 and Power Save 3400 Units for Commercial use.

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