How Obama Will Change Home Energy in America

President Obama's initiative on alternative energy offers great opportunity for economic development. Renewable forms of energy or clean tech and green tech are going to be the new dot-com. Yet his agenda of bigger government control, in general may stifle his planned initiatives.

The simple facts:

· There are two speeds to State and Federal Government: slow and slower.
· Regulation slows development of alternative, renewable energy.

Although some fear that President Obama's administration will strengthen regulatory control of home energy incumbents, deregulation of energy has picked up lightning speed & is now too far embedded in our economy for the new administration to easily reverse this flood!

All across America people are thinking green. However, when you choose renewable energy people want to get that which they paid for. Regulated energy incumbents normally do not offer 100% renewable. While a small minority of monopolies offer renewable energy, I have yet to find a regulated company offer proof that their renewable energy is certified by our Federal Government.

Deregulation of home energy is in it's infancy, with notable impacts of growth have only been made in the last 2 or 3 years. Yet to date, less than 10% of American State Government has elected to deregulate their electricity or natural gas. The competition that comes when energy is deregulated, will cause consumers to find a company that towers above the rest in this dot-com deregulation biz. A company that consistently seeks top governmental certification is "go green's" best choice.

Down in Texas, competition is fierce in the deregulation of electricity market. There is a not for profit org called "Texas Electric Choice." They daily update and monitor prices per (KWH) on every plan and with every company in this highly competitive market. I propose that you google this not for profit site and conduct a test. You need a Texas zip code like: 75002. With this zip code as your tool, simply do a criteria search that gives you an opportunity to search companies only offering 100% renewable energy.

Let me save you some time. Without giving every name of every retail electric provider, I conclude that under this criteria search, thirteen companies, offer a total of twenty one renewable plans. No regulated incumbent offers 100% renewable energy and only one company offers a governmental certification: Ambit Certified Green energy. I asked you, how do you know that you're getting what you paid for unless that governmental certification is not sought by each company? Also, how can Obama fulfill his campaign promise without encouraging competition that comes with deregulation of home energy?

I conclude that this new administrations initiative on alternative energy is a start, but only free trade and competition can inspire and refine the energy market so that the finest renewable energy that money can buy and the most reputable company can be research & chosen by all.

An incredible economic boom shook the telecommunications industry following its deregulation in 1984. Hundreds of new companies entered the telecom market and created hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue for visionary entrepreneurs who saw the changing landscape and were willing to venture into new waters. Today an even larger industry is on the cusp of sweeping change. Energy. This industry creates revenues of near to a half a trillion dollars annually! We have a strategic partnership with Royal Dutch Shell, the third largest corporation in the world, that allows us to grow as fast as we wish, including plans to open in several new markets over the next year.

The energy mentor team is prospering and is looking for people just like you to join us. Many have started a home based business, marketing electricity & natural gas from their home. Mortgages & debts are being paid off and some are making 6 figure monthly income! All marketers in our team are all paid on all of the customers in our team. Only ambit energy aggressively increases their consultant's customer base by even showing every customer how to get free energy! How much of an annual half a trillion dollar pie do you want a piece of?

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