Clean Energy in the US - Is it Really a Possible and Feasible Dream?

clean energyApparently, the media and the powers that be have decided that we need to have clean energy, as in 100% clean, but is that really feasible? And even if it is a remote possibility, is it a wise choice for our nation in the present period?

It's hard to argue that it would certainly be nice to have 100% clean electrical power, I am all for that. I'd like to see "clean coal" technologies and more nuclear power. We could add in more geo-thermal too. Ocean Wave energy seems to be reliable as we figure out how to make it last longer due to the battering of the ocean. The less pollution the better for everyone's health and yes the environment too.

Unfortunately, personally, I do not think that 100% clean electrical energy means getting rid of coal, we have 150-years of coal available; clean coal would be nice and the Germans and Chinese have some technology available it would be nice to see used.

Additionally, I do not think it is wise to overly subsidize alternative energy that does not work or cannot compete, that raises costs for everyone, at a time when we cannot do that to the American People. Let's be careful what we wish for, or we might be sorry.

It would be best if we did not deceive ourselves with such a mandate considering the importance of reliable and cheap energy. This is not just an economic issue, it is also one of practicality and well, it's just not practical to try to attempt the 100% clean energy goal in the present period. Think on this.

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