LPG: An Assessment Of Alternative Fuels

Availability of alternative fuels by number of stations:

LPG- 1228
Natural gas- 31

LPG is by far the most available alternative fuel. This enables more customers to be targeted and more customers are also more able to reach the fuel stations making it a more attractive option for customers. LPG is best suited to ‘thirsty’ fuel consuming cars or cars which have a high annual mileage. LPG cars bring many benefits i.e. less toxic emissions, cost savings per mile and congestion zone discounts.

Another option is biodiesel, which is biodegradable and better for the environment. It doesn’t really affect vehicles in a bad way and could make the engine run more smoothly. It is about the same price as diesel and generally believed to be better for the environment.

Natural gas is mainly used in trucks and buses etc, and includes benefits including being much quieter than diesel cars, less toxic emissions and a congestion zone discount. Drawbacks include low availability and large storage is needed.

Electricity is thought of as the ideal sustainable transport solution but in order to be ‘zero emission’ must be produced using a renewable energy source. Performance is similar or improved but barriers include high cost, lack of investment and large storage tanks are needed.

Bioethanol is again much better for the environment but running costs are similar to petrol and there is very limited availability.

Lastly, hydrogen is almost pollution-free but is still at an early stage in development and can cost up to 20 times more than petrol. There is currently no availability but there is potential for growth.

Undoubtedly, at the moment, LPG appears to be the best option due to its availability and benefits and will be looking to become even more widely known and used in the future.
About the Author
This Article was written by Daniel Muir for Fuelture Ltd. Fuelture Ltd is a UK based alternative fuel company with a national LPG conversion service. Fuelture Ltd aspires to build a unique network of state-of-the-art LPG Stations and to launch a unique LPG fuel card. Fuelture Ltd. works closely with performance engine specialists Nicholson McLaren Engines Ltd. Visit http://www.fuelture.com for more information about automotive LPG in the UK.

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