Time for Individuals and Businesses to start using On-Line Carbon Offsets Services

The UK Government announced in February 2008 under "the Climate Change" Bill a legal commitment to reduce UK carbon emissions between 60 and 80 pct cut UK by 2050. The Bill also introduces a carrot and stick system, the Carbon Reduction Commitment for large non-energy organizations and businesses representing around 10 percent of UK CO2 emissions from 2010 which will inevitably have a knock on impact on small businesses and consumers. Coupled with the European Emissions Trading system some fifty percent of net UK carbon emissions will soon be capped in some way.

However, with only a very small proportion of our energy today come from alternative sources which do not add to overall carbon emissions and with the Government’s central 2056 UK population forecast of 78.6 million, 30 percent higher than today, an absolute 60 pct cut in carbon emissions below the 1990’s levels the Bill when it becomes law will enable the Government to force every individual and business to think about their CO2 emissions and what they can do to reduce emissions.

Private individuals or even small businesses employing hundreds of people can’t afford the luxury of expensive consultants or staff to measure their carbon emissions and when they do these groups need clear actionable advice and easy cost-effective solutions with sensible pay backs measured in years and not decades.

Fortunately among the many carbon offset and environmental consultancy businesses some low-cost solutions to meet the needs of individuals and businesses are starting to arrive. Three or four companies, which works globally now provide on-line tools and do-it yourself advice on-line and by email to help individuals and businesses simply measure their CO2 emissions, reduce carbon emissions and if they want to go that bit further purchase high quality carbon offsets without the need for expensive consultants or to employ staff.

If individuals or businesses in the UK or around the world will be forced to start to measure and reduce carbon emissions or to go that bit further and purchase carbon offsets then the solutions are going to be needed on-line.

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