Get At Least $2000 In IRS Refunds For Using Green Technology

Yes, you read the title right, you can now get at least 2000$ worth of IRS refunds for using green tech on your car. All you have to do is to run your car on water.

If you are not up to date with the newest technological advancements, let's give you a fast update. Due to the fact that gas prices are higher then ever, and even worse, they are continuing to rise, one person said enough was enough and he came up with a way to power a car using water. Just plain simple tap water.

Here's how it works: You use electricity from your car's battery to separate water into a gas known as HHO, this burns effectively and provides significant energy. HHO has the atomic power of hydrogen but it maintains the stability of water. This make it a very safe and very easy process.

Now the best part is the fact that you can convert your car to run on water by yourself. You don't need to be a mechanic or a handyman. There are a lot of high quality guides on the web that teach you how to do this, step by step with ilustrations and videos. The best part however is the fact that a guide costs about 50$ and the parts needed for conversion are also 50$. But what benefits come with a water powered car? up to 60% decrease in fuel consumption, more horsepower, lower emissions, longer engine life.

Now let's get back to the IRS refunds. If you convert your vehicle to run on water, you will not only recieve the above benefits but, the state will actually give you money for owning such a vehicle. So how is this really possible? It's quite simple to be honest with you. If you run an environmentally safe hybrid you will not pollute mother earth. Above that this helps our nation spend less money on pollution, sick days, hospitals etc. Most importantly it helps the nation save money on oil importations and all the other problems that come with it.

So how much can you really get? The IRS code clearly states that the maximum deduction you can claim for qualified clean-fuel vehicle property with respect to any motor vehicle is the following: 50 000$ for a truck with a gross weight over 26,000 pounds. 5 000$ for a truck or van with a gross weight of over 10,000 pounds. 2 000$ for a regular vehicle. Well I don't know about you but that seems like a lot of money...

Let's give an example, you are spending around 100$ to convert your vehicle (normal car) and you get a 2000$ IRS refund. This means that even if the hydrogen system did not work (witch is impossible) you will still get paid a lot of money.

In conclusion you can get at least $2000 worth of IRS refunds for using green technology in your vehicle simply by running your car on water.

Convert your car to Run On Water it's easy to do, effective, and it will help you save tons of money on those ever raising gas prices.

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