Sun shines bright on Solar Energy Panel use

Here comes the sun, make the most of the renewable energy. This is a clean and environmentally sound means of gathering solar energy. Solar energy has been used since prehistoric times, but in a most primitive manner. In the coming years it is expected that millions of households in the world will be using solar energy as the trends.
Solar energy collected through Do It Yourself solar panels could be used to meet the electricity requirements. Through Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) cells, solar radiation gets converted into DC electricity directly. This electricity could be either used as it is or can be stored in the battery. This stored electrical energy then can be used at night.
SPV can be used for a number of applications such as domestic lighting, street lighting, village electrification, water pumping, desalination of salty water, powering of remote telecommunication repeater stations and railway signals.
Solar energy or green electricity thus created could be used for Cooking/Heating, Drying/Timber seasoning, Distillation, Electricity/Power generation, Cooling, Refrigeration, Cold storage.
Many small time farmers and rural people could benefit by building solar panels at home. This would help them in saving huge cost invested in purchasing readymade Solar Energy Panel. In agrarian country Solar Energy Panels come as a boon. Constructing Solar Energy Panel does not call for expert knowledge.
Step-by-Step guides available in the market would provide end to end subject knowledge, about raw materials needed to build a solar energy panel and instruction on construction. They also suggest were the raw materials could be procured.
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