Leadership Gap in the Green Market!

With projections of the creation of 5 million new green jobs, there is a striking leadership gap in the Green Jobs market. Growing numbers of people are reinventing their careers in this new market, so one has to ask, “Who’s going to lead?” Are our executives, consultants, and entrepreneurs prepared with the right tools, training, and skills to successfully manage and lead green business? How prepared are these leaders to achieve BOTH profitability and sustainability?

Those entering the green industry stand to be a part of one of the greatest business opportunities in recent history. Energy alone represents a multitrillion dollar global market. In addition, studies indicate growth in well-paying green jobs. The demand for well-trained people at all levels in organizations is high and what is needed is crucial business training with a green focused application.

A Green MBA is the way to go for Green Leaders who wish to position themselves for success.

A Green MBA provides people with real options and freedom to pursue career opportunities throughout the green sector. Businesses are calling for qualified professionals with the right business skills relevant to green sector issues. These skills include the business standards of effectiveness in leadership and communication and a solid understanding of business strategy, performance, and finance. A Green MBA also provides skills specific to the needs of the Green Economy including green marketing, green branding, and green leadership. These are the skills needed to help companies to earn and retain green and social credibility in the new green economy.

The potential business and individual opportunities of the Green sector are indisputable. Positioning oneself to maximize their marketability to green employers is priority number one and a Green MBA may just be the competitive leverage people need. As the demand for qualified professionals continues to grow, selecting the right degree program is imperative. The right Green MBA program stands to boost careers and position people to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

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