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Environmental conservation is quite the buzz word across the world in this day and age. The realization has dawned that if we do not act fast it may be too late to salvage the situation which is drawing nigh disaster.

The modern era is the age of rapid and often unfettered usage of energy, many times in a manner which is not quite responsible. Humans have denuded forests, degraded the land and also rapidly depleted the oil and coal reserves of the earth to such an extent that these resources could well be over in the next few decades if the current rate of resources exploitation continues.

It is in this context that the prospect of utilization of renewable sources of energy becomes all so important. This are essentially sources like the wind, solar energy, geo thermal, tides and hydroelectric power that can take care of the energy needs of the earth in a renewable manner which will not deplete as the years go by.

Solar energy: The sun is the ultimate source of energy for the earth. Use of photovoltaic cells is a hot new thing in the renewable energy sources market. The sun's heat is so strong that if tapped and transmitted properly, we could wipe out all energy gaps forever. A lot of countries including Germany and China are making impressive strides in the quest to tap solar energy to provide a clean and totally renewable source of energy for their energy hungry teeming millions of populations.

Wind Energy: Wind energy powers wind turbines that can generate as little as 600kw to as much as 5 MW of energy depending on the size of the wind turbine and wind mills. There are many spots in the world especially in coastal areas where these wind turbines can be installed to generate huge amounts of wind energy which is so clean and absolutely green. As of now it is estimated that we can generate 5 times the world's total energy needs through wind energy, provided the wind harvesting is done on a huge and unprecedented scale worldwide.

Water power: There are many forms of water power that can be harnessed. Hydroelectric power is generated from man-made dams that are present across the world. Again, this can also be generated by harnessing the waterfalls across mountain ranges. For instance, many Nordic countries generate a large part of their electricity through harnessing their mountain waterfalls. Ocean energy can also be harnessed by laying turbines that run on the basis of tides and sea waves. Vortex power is a new technology which involves placing obstacles in the past of gushing rivers and large streams so as to turn turbines and generate power.

Bio-fuel: Photosynthesis produces plants and these are a good source of energy. Biomass can be used directly to provide energy or produce bio-fuels. Bio-diesel can be used to power vehicles quite effectively. A lot of research is being conducted to ensure that effective use of bio-fuels becomes prevalent across the world.

If one has to preserve the environment, renewable sources of energy are indeed indispensable. The day is not quite far off when the world energy needs will wholly be met by renewable sources which are clean, green and sustainable. 

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