Green Energy – It Is All Around Us

The earth has blessed us with an abundance of green energy, all we need to do is tap into it. This site shares a few of the popular green energies like solar and wind power, what we failed to mention is hydro power, bio energy, geothermal, tidal or wave and hydrogen fuel cells. Green energy is defined in Wikipedia as "sources of energy that are considered to be environmentally friendly and non-polluting". This is in true and rare form our new generation of energy. Fossil fuels in time will be exhausted or cost dearly to manufacture, not to mention the carbon foot print we have left for our children. 

    If you were to walk outside during the day and look around you would notice that green energy is all around us. Everywhere you look there is a source of untapped green energy. The most unique thing of all is it has always been there just patiently waiting for us to come to our senses. The sun shines every day, the wind blows frequently, the rivers flow all the time, the waves in the ocean crash on the shore like clockwork. None of these forces ever call in sick or just stop working, they are more constant than any other source of energy we have. They are not controlled by other countries and best of all they are free! 

    Green energy is the way of the future it is the only way we can save the earth for our future generations, it is the only way we can reverse the global warming. The government also sees a clear view of green energy you can view on their site here: they have it all broken down by programs. The government is also offering grants which can be viewed from the same page. Any way you look at it green energy is here to stay.

    So if green energy is so good and it is here to stay then why are we not embracing our future? Well, all you have to do is look at the economy and the shrinking that has happen since October 2007. In a shrinking economy one does not spend large amounts of capital on an investment like green energy. That would probably be the biggest problem with green energy is the initial capital that has to be spent to buy and install the equipment. Over time the investment will pay for itself but, right now it is cheaper for us to use our 120 year old addiction to fossil energy. So how do we break the habit? The government is offering rebates on green energy you can read the form here: to 30% off! With that in mind it makes the pain of the expenditure just a little more inviting.

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