World's food prices rise and alternative energy.

If you in the goods investing industry, or even if just tend to read financial newspapers, you probably already heard about the tremendous rise in basic food prices in the past few years. Some people blame the use of biofuels in that effects, claiming that using biodiesel and ethanol from crops causing the price increase.

Although partially true, the production of biofuels is still much, much lower than needed in order to cause such a dramatic effect (rise of over 200% in wheat process etc.).

The real cause of the price explosion is the increase in demand, mainly in developing countries, in which a rise in demand come along with a rise in the life quality. The demand for new food resources marks and emphasizes the energy resources problem.
The real solution must come from the science and industry of agriculture – we must increase our production ability now. The shortage in food is a lot more dangerous, and must be solved before we all suffer from the catastrophic results. However, increasing the crops production will also be beneficent to the energy market, supplying new resources of energy for the good of all. So I suggest to look on green energy resources such as ethanol and biodiesel as a catalyst to increase the research of crop viability and growth, for a more secure future.

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