Hydrogen car becomes reality in britain within few months?

This article was found on channel 4:


The fuel cell and electrolyser development company, ITM Power Plc, and the engineering group Roush Technologies Ltd, have signed an agreement that 'could see CO2-free commercial cars being marketed in UK within months.'
The two companies have teamed up to put hydrogen powered vehicles on Britain's roads.

Roush is to work on solutions to adapt existing internal-combustion engines to run on hydrogen and on the development of all-new bespoke hydrogen-fuelled engines. The only by-product of burning hydrogen in an engine is water vapour.

ITM Power is developing hydrogen refuelling stations and a system whereby operators can generate their own hydrogen on-site by the electrolysis of water. An electrolyser system is to go into production in Sheffield later this year that can produce hydrogen from water using either off-peak or renewable-source electricity generated by wind, wave or solar power.

Although engines using hydrogen are already in production - BMW has made a small number of hydrogen-fuelled 7-Series saloons - and fuel cell cars (with on-board electrolysis to convert hydrogen fuel into electrical energy) are near to commercial reality, both solutions need a supply infrastructure for hydrogen.

ITM's CEO Jim Heathcote said: 'We are committed to bringing practical hydrogen power into the automotive market place within a dramatically reduced timeframe. Whilst [the project] initially involves the commercial vehicle sector, it will demonstrate the wider potential of hydrogen technology to help cut CO2 emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.'


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