Build your own Electrochemical solar panel - 2

This site shows a great Idea on how to build your very own solar panel to produce electricity.

I tried it myself and I must say that this is a very cool idea. Highly recommended;


The idea is to use an insulator - Cuprous oxide - When light hits the electrons in the cuprous oxide, some of the electrons gain enough energy from the sunlight to jump past the bandgap and become free to conduct electricity.
Then, Tte free electrons move into saltwater, and then to a clean copper plate, into the wire, through the meter, and back to the cuprous oxide plate.
As the electrons move through the meter, they perform the work needed to create electricity.

Although it is suggested as a "science toy", I belive that with just a little thought, you can really make it usefull to your daily life.
good luck.

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